Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nature's Perfect Cake

This is the most simple cake idea ever - wish I had thought of it.  
No Gluten.  
No Sugar.  
No eggs.  
No dairy.  
Organic if you choose.  
Turn your WATERMELON into a cake!!!  
Presentation is definitely the key to pulling this off - even on kids.  
I have used watermelon for dessert but cut it up in slices in a bowl and it was just watermelon.  
When you turn your watermelon into a cake shape (preferably a double-layer cake height), 
add some fruit "candies" and suddenly - You are eating a cake.  Really.   

Be creative.  Use whatever fruit you have to decorate and present it as a cake.  I had strawberries sliced up, blueberries, apple triangles and mint leaves.  The color of additional fruit really is important and vital for appeal and transfiguration.  Serve it up on a platter or cake stand, add the candles, sing and slice it like a cake.  Perfect for the world of food trends and diets and allergies.

A few suggestions:
Watermelon shape:  Try to buy the longest, more oblong shaped watermelon you can buy.  If long enough, cut off the curved ends so you can have a cake entirely flat and round-shaped.  You can see I had to use part of my curved end which made it a bit more dome-shaped but it did not alter the experience for us who enjoyed it..
Fruit "Candies": Don't use bananas unless the cake is eaten immediately.  Even with apples, make sure the variety does not brown quickly or use some lemon juice on them to keep them from browning.  Try grape halves, cantaloupe/honeydew balls or possibly use small cookie cutter shapes (ie stars, hearts, circles/rings) to cut larger surface fruit.

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