Monday, May 30, 2011

Penanapple Wraps

My kids love to cook and so a month or two ago, I signed up for a free cooking class that all of us could do together.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the class due to other events that had to happen on that same day. So in efforts to make up for it, the kids and I have been going through a fun kids cookbook to make more foods together in our own kitchen.  And today, we discovered this gem of a recipe.  So simple yet so different and refreshing AND completely naturally sweet.  (I have to admit I was a little surprised the recipe used a fruit for sweetness!) 
My kids loved helping to make these wraps and then loved eating them too!  What could be better for any parent who has kids to feed.  The only possible down-side to this creation is it contains peanut butter which means it cannot be sent to 99% of the schools for lunch (at least in our area).  But there are lunches on weekends and spring breaks and summers plus one could easily substitute any nut or seed butter for the peanut butter for those with allergies.  I hope you will give it a try - and with your kids if you have any.

We named the recipe "Penanapple Wraps" cause it is more fun but it was called "The Sky is Falling Apples! Wrap" from Disney's  The Magic Kitchen Cookbook

Penanapple Wraps
(Peanut butter banana apple wrap)

1/4 - 1/2 small banana
2 - 3 Tbsp natural peanut butter
1/2 apple - chopped into small pieces
2 - 3  8" whole wheat tortilla wraps (or wrap of choice)
* See the Cook's notes below for details on the recipe

Put your peanut butter in a small bowl for mixing.

Slice the banana into the bowl and mix or mash until it is as mixed as you like.

Cut the apple into small, bite-sized pieces.
Spread the peanut butter mixture over the surface of the wraps. Sprinkle the apple pieces over the top and roll up the wrap.

Slice as desired and enjoy!

Cook's Notes:

About the banana, you need the banana to add sweetness to the peanut butter so I would not use a green one but perhaps not too overripe either cause then the banana flavour is too strong.  So my thoughts are use a banana that you enjoy for just eating purposes.
About the measurements: Sorry I am not an "exact" cook when it comes to measuring ingredients in something like this.  I hate putting peanut butter in a spoon just to measure the amount so I just estimate.  Hope you are okay to go with it.  It can be made with more or less of everything to suit your needs.
About the Tortillas: I normally try to avoid wheat as much as possible.  And yes, I do have a spelt recipe to make tortillas on the blog but my real world does not allow me the luxury of time to have those on hand all the time.  So do what works for you.  When it comes to lunches, much easier to have some purchased tortillas on hand.