Sunday, February 6, 2011

A + Turkey Sandwich

In efforts to create a sandwich we enjoy without the mayo, butter and/or cheddar cheese, I think I found something that we really like. 
Apple + Avocado + Turkey = great sandwich! 
Although it sounds strange, the Avocado offers a creamy texture and buttery flavour.  The Apple offers a "crunch" and contrasting sweet and sour flavour.  And the turkey offers something of medium body and slightly salty.  For me, that is a perfect bite!  Even my kids enjoy this sandwich as have other guests at our home.  Give it a try - I am pretty sure you will like it too!

"A" + Turkey Sandwich

Sliced turkey meat* turkey roast or deli
Avocado - thinly sliced (approx 1/4 avocado per sandwich)
Apple - thinly sliced
Sliced bread of your choice* - toasted
Prepared mustard
* See cook's notes below for more details

Toast the bread to your desired liking.
Top with turkey, thin slices of apple and avocado to cover the surface and finish with a twist of mustard. 

Close the sandwich with the top slice of bread and cut the sandwich on the diagonal.  In my own uniqueness, I believe appearance of food has a lot to do with our enjoyment of it and a diagonal cut sandwich always look and enjoy and taste better in my books.  Enjoy on it's own or with a side salad.

Cook's Notes:
Turkey meat: If you have leftover roast turkey that would be ideal for this sandwich.  However, I am not a cooker of turkey so that does not happen at my house.  And I know many have mixed reviews of deli meat but at our place, we do have some deli meats for quick and simple lunches.  I buy ML Natural Selections Turkey which does not have nitrates and has ingredients that I am okay with for the sake of convenience.  If you have not tried Natural Selections, I think it is worth a try and the price.  If you have other deli selections that are great, or other alternatives, please feel free to share. 

Bread: At our home, we really try to avoid wheat/added gluten so our breads are usually Spelt or Kamut with Flax. And since these breads do not have the additives that keep bread soft and moist, I freeze it.  Therefore, we toast our bread for the best we like the crunch it offers in our food.

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  1. I have made this sandwich before as well.. yum! I would suggest trying to use the avo as a spread instead of sliced. In Australia it is very common to use avo instead of butter or mayo, plus it is a nice texture when ripe to spread.